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Hi, I'm Sarah.

Book lover, excel geek, list maker, gin connoisseur, travel enthusiast and Mum of two rebels.

I'm an Aussie girl from country South Australia, and have been in the UK with my husband and two small boys for 5 years now.


I try to make a trip home to Australia each year, the flight experience (and cost!) changed drastically as our family grew. I always made little packs to take with us and keep the kids entertained, I then found these packed work great as fun and easy engagement when meeting a friend for a coffee, or out to lunch on the weekend.

Whilst there are other packs out there, they didn't have the staying power, the items were either one time use, or not engaging enough to keep my boys using them again and again. After hearing similar feedback from family and friends I decided this pack is something that fellow parents and carers could benefit from, and so Zip it Play Packs started to form.

After a year of work we are now launching in 2023 and looking forward to sharing in your travel adventures or local outings.

I hope that the little loved ones in your life enjoy playing with the packs, I have loved being able to create them.

Thank you for your support!

Follow us @zipitplaypacks

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